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Crownway Entertainment

Crownway Entertainment
The company was set up in 2014 to manage assets in the entertainment industry. Assets include the Bord Gais Theatre.


IFG Group Plc
Crownway Investment is a significant principal shareholder in IFG Plc, a UK listed financial services group. IFG’s subsidiaries are James Hay, a major wealth pension platform and Saunderson House, the award winning independent wealth advisor for high net worth professionals.


The company is a wholesale telecoms provider offering open access bandwidth to licenced operators across fibre optic infrastructure in Ireland.


Crownway engaged as an early and mid-stage investor in Vordel software business pioneering in the xml cloudbased services area. Sold to Axway in 2012.

Jurys Doyle Hotel Group

Jury’s Doyle Hotel Group
Crownway executed the take private of Jury’s Doyle Hotel Group in 2005 and the subsequent sale of the Jury’s Inns hotel division in 2007. The Doyle Hotel Group was retained in order to be grown through investment.

Celtic Anglian Water

Celtic Anglian Water
Established Celtic Anglian Water in 1998, a 50/50 Joint Venture with the Anglian Water Group plc, a major UK water utility. The CAW consortium succeeded in winning the tender to design, build and operate a €300m wastewater treatment facility at Ringsend, Co. Dublin. Sold to NTR plc in 2002.


Greenstar Waste Management
Identified the opportunity to build a leading waste management business in Ireland. From start-up executed a strategy that led to the establishment, through planning and build stages, of key licenced waste infrastructure across Ireland.

Magnum Security Alarms

Magnum Security Alarms
Magnum Security Alarms formed as a start up in the security and facilities management sector in Ireland in 1983. Gradually expanded the business across Ireland and Northern Ireland positioning the group as the largest independent service provider in the sector. Sold to Chubb Europe in 1998.